Carports presented to the front of the dwelling have direct impact to the value and feel of your home. Ensuring outcome lifts or compliments your home is a prime concern.

With the advent in most new homes of a garage situated to front of dwelling Carports are not as common now for newer homes. For homes without a garage then opportunity to raise the facade and overall look of your existing home can be a great way to add value and feel plus coverage to vehicles. The days of simple lean two solutions are gone.

Our process and requirements are the same for carport’s as any other project. Building regulations and requirements are also same.

Whether your building your project as an “Owner Builder” or having your project built by a builder we can assist you with ensuring your plans and outcome required is well documented ready to go.


We have experience across a range of commonly used materials including

  • Frames – timber, colorbond, aluminium, rendered solutions
  • Roofing – colorbond, insulated, louvers and polycarbonate
  • Kit Materials – Today there are many companies providing pre-prepared Kit packages, if you have selected a supplier for material ensure you provide details, design and material and engineering.

Your preparation

Gather together pictures your site and other projects you like, preferred material type and designs prior to meeting with us so we can best understand what you need.