The Building permit is the final process required to be approved prior to beginning building works.

The Building Permit process reviews of all but are not limited to:

  • Working Drawing/ Plans of Proposed Works
  • Title Statement & Plan of Subdivision
  • Council Property Information Certificate
  • Legal Point of Discharge Certificate
  • Council &/or other Bodies Approvals (if applicable)

With the supporting data such as but not limited to:

  • Engineering
  • Developer Design Panel Permissions/Approvals
  • Soil Reports
  • Energy Rating Report
  • Fire Prone Area (BAL) Assessment
  • Manufacturers Details and Specifications relating to your Building Permit.

These items plus any others (as required – project specific) are reviewed by the Appointed Building Surveyor and provide the basis of issuing a Building Permit.
Building Permit cost and associated government fee’s and levies, do vary relevant to actual scope and complexity of project and project cost of works etc.

Applications can also uncover other items not previously considered that may require other approval or clarification prior to gaining a Building Permit.

Building Permit Approval will be issued if all requirements and documentation are met by the Appointed Building Surveyor.

Building Permit Application process can take not less than 7 – 14 working days and Approval will be issued if all requirements and documentation are met. The Project Centre fee to assist and prepare required Building Permit documents will depend upon time required for preparation of this application, documents and information provided.