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At the Project Centre we provide an integrated range of services to compliment our Architectural Building Design and Drafting services.

Having your drafting project finalised requires a number of processes beyond just the conceptual design and drawing. Our over 20 years experience in designing and providing building services provides you the experience to get the job done.

We have two distinct drafting segments plus our  comprehensive building services as listed below.

Architectural Drafting Services

Major Home Projects

We provide architectural drafting services relating to a number of domestic building projects. 

We provide Drafting and associated services from concept to completion of plans ready for selecting your builder and proceeding with gaining a building permit.

Our Projects include :

  • Renovations & Extensions
  • Garages
  • Town Houses and Units
  • New Homes
  • Dual Occupancy developments plus more

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So if your looking for a company to provide experienced design & concept construction through to professionally drafted plans plus organise the related consultants required to finalise your building plans then the Project Centre can assist you.

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Small Building Projects

The Plan & Permit Service

"making projects come alive"

The many and varied small home projects has grown from simple lean-to verandahs to major outdoor entertainment area's demanding similar approach from a drafting perspective to the permit requirements government require.

Council and Government requirements siting and site requirements are no different for a Verandah (for example which is considered an extension to the dwelling)) than that of a full dwelling extension in what a plan and a building permit covers and requires.

Our experience in this area is based on over 20 years of small home projects ensure we know what you can and can't do or what council approval's maybe required  and where restrictions may apply plus extensive understanding our available products.

We provide comprehensive services directed to Builders and Owner Builders related to these projects under the banner of The Plans & Permit Service.
  • Alfresco's including insulated roof. Add on's or extensions of dwelling
  • Pergolas - timber or colorbond
  • Verandahs - fixed roofs, louvers.
  • Carports
  • Deckings
  • Outdoor Rooms 

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Ring 9769 3517 during office hours to arrange a free in office consultation to discuss your project ideas. 

Building Services

We complement our Drafting services by providing a significant range of permit services relating directly to obtaining specific council and Government permissions. 

We do find more and more projects necessitate the need to obtain specific council approvals beyond what might be considered the standard Building Permit due to their siting and general limitations of where these projects can be located.

Area of services we offer and arrange include:

  • Town Planning applications
  • Report & Consent Applications
  • Building Commissions Appeals for Building Modifications
  • Drafting for Compliance submissions
  • Illegal Building
  • Engineering & Computations
  • Bush Fire - Bal Reports
  • Energy rating
  • Soli Reports
  • Building Permits

Refer to our section on permit & council service. More...

Plans & Permits

Structured for small project this service available for both Builders and "Do it yourself" Clients

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