Building Permits

The Building permit is the final process required to be approved prior to beginning building works. 

This permit process reviews of all plans, title information, council planning, response and permissions. Supporting data such as engineering, developer design panel permissions, soil reports, energy rating, Fire Prone Area report, other manufacturers details and specifications relating to your building permit. 

These items plus any others (as required - project specific) are reviewed by Building Surveyor and provide the basis of issuing a building permit. 

Permit cost and associated government fee's and levies do vary relevant to actual scope and complexity of project and project cost etc,

Application process can take not less than 7 - 14 days and approval will be issued if all requirements and documentation are met. Applications can also uncover other items not previously considered that may require other approval or clarification prior to gaining a permit.

The Project Centre fee to assist and prepare documents will depend upon time required for preparation of this application and documents and information provided.

Council Services

Council approvals may be required before a Building Permit can be issued. 

These approval include: 

  • Town Planning Scheme compliance.
  • ResCode Report & Consent applications
  • Easement - building over or near council assets
  • Building Modifications
  • Compliance reports - illegal buildings
  • Part 4 BCA reports

These plus other building or title issues may trigger a requirement to gain council approvals prior to gaining a building permit or n fact satisfy council if project built without approval being obtained.

This area of our service can be the most time consuming and frustrating for both ourselves and our clients. Timeframes and outcomes can and do vary from council to council and site to site.

Costs and timeframes therefore vary from project to project and remain difficult to forecast from a casual telephone enquiry. 

RING US on 9769 3517 during business hours to arrange an appointment to discuss your project.

Consultants & Building Services

We undertake when finalising plans a range of tasks required to submit for gain a building permit

These include:

  • Soli Testing
  • Engineering
  • Energy Rating
  • Bush Fire Reports

We generally arrange these items for clients as all are required to finalise our working drawing plans. If these not completed at completion of our brief then plans will remain in a concept stage.

Cost and time lines t finalise these items are project specific.


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Our full membership with the BDAV provide us and our clients the most up to date commentary, research and developments within the Building Industry

Our Investment in BDAV is an investment in our clients outcomes for their projects

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