Do I need a Building Permit

"Under most conditions when building a Structure including renovation or remodelling internal or external to a dwelling a Building Permit will be required."

Most people realise that a new home or an extension of their dwelling will require a building permit. Its taken for granted. It' surprising and somewhat standard that projects such as Carport's, Verandah's, 

Decks and even general household garden sheds (above 10m2) also require that same permit requirements as that of a new dwelling. Point of difference is these projects are generally classified as a class 10 buildings and have some different exemptions or variations that habitual buildings don't. Sometimes however they are required to have the exact same requirements.

So Yes, when you build an Open Pergola (unroofed above 20m2), an Open Sided Verandah (any type), Carport, Decking, Pool or Spa, Sheds and Garages or even widen a doorway to your dwelling a Building Permit will be required. 

Question of asked - What happens if I don't get a permit?  

"getting a compliance for a building after completion can be very expensive or in fact require the demolition of a structure if compliance can't be achieved or significant change and extra building cost's to achieve compliance."

So don't believe the tradesman or mate that say's "she'll be OK you don't need a permit" or "The council will never know" the surprise later might not be what you expected. Bottom-line they won't be the one facing the problem later.

Process essentially is the same for all project's and if council permission is also required is dependant upon your properties Zone and planning overlays, if applicable. 

Special Note: A Planning Permit is not a building permit. The issue of planning permission is normally subject to obtaining a Building permit. Refer to Property Search for details on your property Property Search

See through our various information throughout our web site for information to assist your research on this and many other issues relating to Do I need a Building Permit.

Links to Government and Local Councils

Your property information is always a good starting point to establish what issues , if any, need to be considered beyond information in your title information.

Once you have studied your property titles informations ( found in your section 32 documents when you purchased your land) looking for items such as covenants, 173 agreements and general land usage descriptions plus Design Panel requirements on land by land developers then the next place to see what planning and zones your local council has your property within.

This free link should provide council details relating to your property.

"Property Search will provide some good info on what you can automatically build on your land without planning approval. This does not relate to a building permit requirement purely planning requirements."

  1. Basic Property Report
  2. Planning Property report
  3. Bush Fire Prone Area 

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Before any building works begin a call to your council always worthwhile. This can be a valuable call to ensure any information your received from third parties can be checked and verified. Your council provides access for both Planning and Building enquiries. 

Remember: Building any structure or altering any structure (i.e.: widen a doorway, Insert a door to an external wall, build A Verandah , Pergola or Decking) therefore including both indoor and exterior works may need a building permit. Failure to gain a building permit can be a costly exercise to provide compliance, possible fines &/or removal or reinstatement of previous conditions.

Building Commission - Victoria

The Victorian Building Authority provide many resources directed at getting better building outcomes for all Victorians. Whilst like most government offices they now provide significant information via their web sites this information at times can be confusing for people not accustomed to the environment they researching.

The following links can be quite valuable to both Owner Builders or people wanting to research what they should consider prior to building plus those considering a Registered Builder to manage their project. Certainly much consideration should be considered prior to assuming the role of an owner builder.

Owner Builders

As an owner of your property you can undertake building works in Victoria but as you can guess there are some rules to follow, plus many pitfalls you can encounter as when you are the builder any problems, requirements &/or consequences relating to your project fall to you as the builder. 

 "as you take on the role of "the builder" then you must ensure your aware of all the 

building and council requirements and duties to ensure your project proceeds smoothly"

The following building commission link is a good place to start.

Get the facts - What YOU need to know about becoming an Owner-Builder

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Structured for small project this service available for both Builders and "Do it yourself" Clients

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