Do it Yourself Verandah, Pergola, Carport or Decking Services

The Project Centre for our 20 years been providing "DIY Verandah and Decking Drafting & Permit Services" and assisting our clients with building their own home projects. This also includes builders and when clients want to  "Do it yourself" their own projects, still employ an external builder, but want to ensure design and materials are identified to gain qualified quotations.

We provide a "one stop shop" Design Services - either in our office or on-site - to discuss and design project outcomes based on Clients needs, dreams and budgets. 

Drafting - we provide a drafting service and building services that captures our clients requirements to comply with council and government requirements.

Permits - we arrange permits for construction either by owner or by an external builder.

Other Building Services - arrange as required council planning or report and consent approval applications including illegal building compliance, energy, land and soil surveying, engineering and other external consulting services.

DIY Verandah's & Pergolas

Probably the most common of all "Do it yourself" small projects is the home Verandah or Patio often referred to as a Pergola,

Our extensive experience with these projects will provide you a clear insight into design, location and outcome for your outdoor living project that can be achieved within the 'Plan and permit" service.

The importance of spending time on considering what design will add to your usage dreams can't be under estimated and with our low cost drafting fee plus our 20 years experience will ensure your project will add value to your home.

Our 20 years experience will guide you through what options available. Good planning will provide best results to the design of your project to meet council planning and building code requirements. 

Really Why should I get a Building permit?

When is a Permit required?

The short answer is Yes almost all roofed structures or any structural building to your dwelling or elsewhere on your property does require a building permit.

No not all building requires a planning permit. This relates to both structural or or non-structural works. Planning is site and project specific and therefore varies from one location and council to another. Consult your council to ensure what may be required for your site.

But my Project is already complete!

Achieving building and council compliance after a project built is both more costly (often up to double the cost) and it's not always achievable. To maintain the same project without extensive rebuilding, council approval or often actually pulling down of existing project and completely rebuilding can be required.

Should you need to get permits for a sale or council notice this also can come at just the wrong time.

Our advice is play it safe and reap the benefits. We do provide "illegal works drafting and building services" but for reasons above we hope you will not need them.

 See our section relating to plans and permit services or RING 9769 3517 during office hours.or email us  


Carports represent a very commonly built domestic project. The days of just throwing up a lean to flat carport have changed dramatically of the 20 years we have been involved. This is often because house already have garage or owners objectives and uses for their carports have changed beyond just shielding the car from rain and sun.

Building codes do provide some different rules and siting options for Carports than those for a Verandah's and we will be able to advise your project options.

Method of construction and materials are often similar to Verandahs given that many carports also double as the main outdoor undercover area. Your selection of materials and outcome will form part of your briefing.

Items that are generally more specific for carport are that they are often closer to boundaries (to side of dwelling) or often viewed from the front of your property. 

These issues plus the extra widths needed (ie: double carport is required) often mean the needs of a carport can be multi use plus more visual requirements where they considered as a feature to front of dwelling.

We can provide you options both in style and materials to ensure your carport becomes a feature of your home.

See our section relating to plans and permit services or RING 9769 3517 during office hours.or email us  

Decking Projects

Without doubt a decking structure forming the basis of an outdoors entertainment and patio area can be a stunning extension to your home that adds not only value but style and lifestyle of your home. 

Its true there's are sites that due to location of dwelling and ground conditions simply cry out for a decking area to assist with the connection between inside and outside. 

Deckings tend to be a more expensive build option than other outdoor paving options such as concrete, pavers etc. but often provide substantial better visual outcomes. 

Often a deck is a "cooler" area due to the low thermal character of a timber deck.

Some items to consider with your deck include deck - material type, handrail materials and visual outcome, size and shape to ensure its effective for your requirements.

With our long involvement in design with over 20 years experience in over 3500 outdoor living projects to draw our comments and ideas from to assist our clients with achieving their goals for their home project.

Generally an on-site inspection service is recommended to ensure best design and balance of the project will suit your needs, achieve permits and add value to your home. 

RING 9769 3517 to discuss your project or email us  

Plans & Permits

Structured for small project this service available for both Builders and "Do it yourself" Clients

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